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Office Hours

Office Hours Professors:


Prof. Dr. Eckhard Bartsch

Wednesdays: 16.15–17.15 h

Albertstraße 21, 7th floor, R 7007


Prof. Dr. Thorsten Koslowski

by arrangement

Albertstraße 23 a, 3rd floor, R 3004


Prof. Dr. Stefan Weber

by arrangement

Albertstraße 21, 8th floor, R 08.019


Office Hours Research Associates:


PD Dr. Erik Schleicher

Wednesdays: 15.15–16.30 h

Albertstraße 21, 8th floor, R 08.003


Dr. Claudia Schwarze

Wednesday–Friday: 8.30–12.30 h and by arrangement

Albertstraße 23a, 3rd floor, R 3007


Office Hours Secretary (Prof. Dr. Weber):

Monday–Friday: 10.00–12.00 h

Albertstraße 21, 8th floor, R 08.020


Office Hours Examination Office Chemistry:

Friedericke Jones

Mondays:  9.00–11.00 h and 13.00–15.00 h
Tuesday–Thursday: 9.00–11.00 h and by arrangement

Hebelstr. 27


Opening Hours Library (Fakultätsbibliothek):

Monday–Friday: 8.00–22.00 h

Saturday–Sunday: 10.00–18.00 h