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 Welcome to the Institute of Physical Chemistry

The Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPC) is part of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy of the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg.
Physical chemistry is, due to its proximity to physics, traditionally the most interdisciplinary core subject in the study of chemistry. It is of particular importance as a basic subject because it transfers knowledge of research methods and theoretical concepts, which are essential for the interpretation of any scientific data. The curriculum offers an intensive practical and theoretical training in the latest concepts, methods and applications of physical and theoretical chemistry. We are not only a core subject in chemistry, but also form part of the degree courses Biology, Pharmacy, Molecular Medicine and Microsystems Engineering.

The focus of our research is on the one hand in the field of Enzymes and Drugs and on the other in Energy and Materials. We address various problems with many methods:

  • The application of single molecule methods (AFM, smFRET) to understand biological molecular machines and adhesion and friction at interfaces (AK Hugel)
  • Nanotribology and single molecule experiments using AFM (Dr. B. Balzer)
  • Simulation of complex systems (AK Koslowski)
  • The application of magnetic-resonance spectroscopic methods (EPR and NMR) to paramagnetic species in biological systems and functional materials (AK Weber)
  • The characterization of intermediates and elucidation of reaction mechanisms in cofactor-dependent proteins ( Apl. Prof. Dr. E. Schleicher)